September 2006 Issue 18
ANKENMAN RANCH Special Fall Edition
Purebred Tarentaise Cattle
Miami, Oklahoma



September 23, 2006 turned out to be a beautiful fall day.  A perfect opportunity to capture the activity on the ranch.

This SPECIAL EDITION will include the following:

1. Newborn Slide Show
2. Tarentaise X Red Angus Babies
3. Sale Bulls
4. Yearling Heifers

1.  Newborn Slide Show  

Everything was perfect.


The calf was alive, the cow was intent on her newborn and allowed us to watch, it was still daylight, the weather was warm, and I had my camera!


Click here to watch the slide show a newborn's first 15 minutes and a great mother in action!

2. Tarentaise X Red Angus Babies

We have been anxiously awaiting our first Red Angus X Tarentaise babies.


We A.I.'d 40 1st calf heifers and 10 holdover cows.


The babies have been small and healthy, just right for heifers.


See our crossbred babies. click here.

3. Sale Bulls

These bulls are just now a year old. 


They are really starting to show muscle and definition.


Click here to see their weights, prices and epds.

4. Yearling Heifers

This is our next group of heifers to A.I.  to Red Angus.  They make for quite a display group located right next to the highway, out grazing on the green hillside.  Click here for more photos.


Our next group of heifers available for sale were born this Spring and will be weaned in late October.

Have a great fall.

Chris and Sandy Ankenman
Bill and Betty Lou Ankenman
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