July 2011 Issue 28

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The second day, it was so cold that the 4-wheel John Deere tractor gelled across in the 240 meadow and there it stayed for the next 3 days. We were dependant on neighbors who had running tractors (there were very few) to help us feed. Our only other mode of transport, was either walking or riding a horse.

On Wednesday, February 9, we received another 8 inches of snow (Grove got 25 inches!). Thursday, we hit record cold temperatures all across the state, -31o below in OK City. We were at -20o degrees in Miami.

Sunday, February 13, we decided to move the spring calving cows from the 155 pasture, past the Indian Housing and past all the barking dogs. Still cold in the morning, but the snow is melting. Horse trailers were useless. We all rode horses from both ranches, down highways and county roads to get to the cattle. They moved easily! Got off the road and they're up to their bellies in snow.

February Brings a Major Blizzard


Tuesday, February 1, 2011. We were hit with 20 inches of snow that came with a blizzard type wind. 4-5' drifts and cold until Sunday.

We lost the reverse gear in the feed truck and it got stuck in the lane just below Bill's house. There it stayed for 10 days making us go around with every load of hay for the cows.


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First Baby of the year says to the Second, "Want to Play?"


When I went down to feed early in the season this spring, we had a heifer calving.


I grabbed a cup of coffee with my camera, planning to spend at least an hour. This took 4 minutes!


Since this was just the second calf in this group of first-calf heifers, everyone wanted to "help". Click here to see all the helpers...

On March 15, 2011 we lost our long time friend and border collie, Ginger. She was 14.

Changing of the Guard


In late April, Tip came to his new home. He is a tri-colored border collie and is busy "tearing" up our life.




Having each baby calf tagged with his mother's number is a great management tool, but actually doing it can be adventurous!


Mad mommas, bawling babies, wild driving and a plethora of swearing.


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February 10, 2011, Cinco is withstanding -20 degrees below zero.

The 120 degree Pendulum Swing


July 3 2011, he is out in over 100 degree heat.



The AFFORD-A-BULL program is underway. We have 10 bulls selected and are keeping everyone up-to-date on their growth and progress during the season.


Recently we posted 30 photos on our Facebook page. Come Join us!

Party Barn or Machine Shed?


We're planning a wedding! The reception is at our place so we're building that metal building Chris has always wanted.

The barn will have it's official christening, when our oldest, Autumn, marries John Fuhrman in October.

Click here for the slide show from start to finish...

Generous or Oblivious


The Tarentaise mother produces an ample supply of milk.


Good thing. It's in big demand!


The photo below is of Home Depot. The roof came off, the sides fell in, and a large number of people did not survive in the building.

St. John's hospital had every window blown out, the top 2 floors were missing and the entire foundation moved 4 feet.

ef5 Tornado in Joplin


Sunday, May 22, 2011 an ef5 Tornado devastated the town of Joplin, MO. It's only 20 miles from us.

The twister touched down for 6 miles and was 1/2 to 3/4 mile wide. 8000 structures were damaged and 155 people died.


Monday, it rained 10 inches.


Tuesday, Oklahoma called for another severe threat of tornados. School was closed as a precautionary measure and everyone was on HIGH Alert!


Chris was in Stillwater visiting Abbey on Tuesday and spent the evening in the YMCA during a tornado warning.

Always a "seat" in the back for visitors. Come see us!

Chris and Sandy Ankenman
Bill and Betty Ankenman



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