July 2010 Issue 26
Update News and Sales

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Enjoy this mixture of business, art and life.


This is gone! STOLEN!

Stolen Ranch Icon!


Someone stole our Ranch sign! One morning, it was just gone! From the ground up...posts, reader board, bull cutout. Unbelievable.


We had just designed and created another bull. The newly designed bull had been displayed less than a month.


We could use your input. Should we replace it? Does it need a reader board?


Tell us your thoughts. Click here to go to our Facebook discussion on the topic.
How should we replace the stolen sign?

AA Trouper, Featured Bull


Born in the Spring 2007, this bull is a solid member of our team!  At 3 years old, he is giving our cattle lots of growth potential and and easy temperament.

Trouper is almost too gentle. He stands obnoxiously on the gate every morning when I feed.

...click here to see all our current herd sires

Red Angus X Tarentaise heifer


We intend to be very real and true to life during this process. If the heifer gets sick, sold, or comes up open, we'll still show her life. The above heifer's mother is our first example of real life.


The perfect cow herd is a lifelong goal. Life doesn't automatically produce perfection but it does offer the chance to continually try...a new baby is born here every 6 months and we get to dream anew! .

Mothers in the Making


We are starting a new feature on our Facebook page that will follow 3 heifers per calving season into a mature cow in our herd.


The 2010 Mothers in the Making were born Spring 2010 and are still nursing her mothers. Watch their progress into motherhood.



Click here to go to our Facebook discussion on the topic.

What should we name the heifers?

First Day of Spring Blizzard


We were calving the first calf heifers near our house for the first time since our move to Oklahoma, almost 30 years ago. It was going great!


Then we caught a spring snow storm. More like a blizzard. It was rough on the new babies. Despite our best efforts, mother nature took the lives of several newborns.


Same Group of First Calf Heifers, Same Pasture...What a Difference a Day Makes!

...see the two days in extreme weather contrast...click here

Turning out the Herd Bulls


The bulls have been getting restless in their winter pasture. They know it's time. Time for Spring breeding.


The strategy of the day. Don't get hurt. Keep both the help and the bulls safe.


It's amazing how those same bulls that I feed on foot that can barely move, turn into fighting, bellowing beasts that move so quickly the minute we ride into the pasture.


Keep them separated...in the corral...in the chute...in the trailer. There will be lots of bellowing but no chance for fighting.

...see the photos of the day.

Ankenman Ranch has a Facebook Business Page.


Grandpa, Dad, two college daughters, and I sat around a recent lunch table. We had 3 generations and at least 3 levels of an understanding of Facebook.


Why should you "like" our business Facebook?

  • Interact with us on a more causal basis.
  • Ask questions
  • Share stories
  • Upload your own photos.
  • Give your input on discussion questions.
  • Be part of the growing community of cattlemen on Facebook.
  • Do it for free!

Come Join us!

Spring Babies


There is nothing like a new baby calves. Join us on a trip around the pastures to check the calving cows.

...see the baby calves


Heifers for SALE!


17 Purebred Tarentaise Heifers $750/each

Fall 2009 Born. Weaned since late April, all shots, doing great!

Speak for yours today!

...Pictures and prices taken 6/2/2010

Wishing you tall trees, green grass, and grazing cattle,

Chris and Sandy Ankenman
Bill and Betty Ankenman


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