January 2009 Issue 23
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Thank you for your interest in our Tarentaise Cattle, our operation, and the business of ranching in general.


This UPDATE will include the following:

1. Economic Effects
2. Year of the Sunflowers
3. Ankenman Ranch Takes Flight
4. One Photo with Lots to Say
5. Barn Goes HDR
6. Green Grass Abounds!
7. Heifers and Bulls

Economic Effects.


If you drive by our ranch today, you will not be able to tell that economy is tough.  There are cows in every pasture and the same bustle of activity.


Taking the economy in stride...one graze at a time.


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  Year of the Sunflowers


Usually, the neighboring farmers plant fields of wheat and soybeans, but this year it was sunflowers. Our pasture and corrals sit right across the county road from the "sea of yellow."


...click here to see the sunflowers as a backdrop to our cattle

...click for larger photo

Barn Goes HDR


High Dynamic Range. The ability to take a series of different exposures of the same scene and combining them in post processing so all the image is properly exposed.


HDR photo of our barn by Jeff Reed

Ankenman Ranch takes Flight!

If you ever get an invitation take a PowerChute ride, do it! All you need is a willing mind, a strong stomach and a thumbs up!

September had unusually calm and still evenings.  A fellow rancher/neighbor took all of us on the ride of a lifetime.

...click here to see glee-filled faces and aerial shots of our places.


One Photo with A Lot to Say

The moon is full and going down as the sun is just coming up.  Even my husband watches for my photo opportunities.

This tree in our front pasture has been dying for several years.  We don't get rid of things until there is absolutely no life left

The yearling bulls are content and just laying around.  We feed well.

The steel post is bent from a recent bull fight.  Life on the ranch is not always this calm and peaceful!

Green Grass Abounds!


September turned out to be perfect for growing lush green grass.  We had already hayed this pasture twice and then turned our spring calving group in on the new growth.



Next available group of young Heifers were born this Fall 08 and will be weaned in May 2009. Speak for yours today! Available Bulls  We currently have 8 bulls (9-10 months old)...click here for prices, details and photos
Keep warm.

Chris and Sandy Ankenman
Bill and Betty Ankenman
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