July 2008 Issue 22
Purebred Tarentaise Cattle
Miami, Oklahoma
Thank you for your interest in our Tarentaise Cattle, our operation, and the business of ranching in general.
This UPDATE will include the following:

1. May 10, 2008 Tornado
2. The Art of Embracing
3. Perfect Timing
4. Still using Horses
5. Showing Great Potential
6. Male Model
7. New Heifer Bulls
8. F1 Heifers for Sale

tornadoflag Half of the town of Picher, Oklahoma is gone.  See photos  here...click here.

There was a unique business in Missouri: a feed store run by the husband, and a bridal/prom dress shop run by the wife.  We purchased Abbey's prom dress there.  It's gone!

May 10, 2008 Tornado

May 10, 2008 an EF4 tornado touched down and began a devastating journey that lasted for 71 miles, spanned   a width of 1/2 to 1 miles, and stayed on the ground for an hour and a half.  It killed 21 people in Oklahoma and Missouri and was, at one point, just 3 miles from our ranch.

Abbey, our youngest daughter, and I were headed to a Dance Recital at the college and could see the ominous clouds just to the north.  Dancers drove through the storm on their way to the recital.  Even on the outer edges of the storm, car windows were broken, costumes sucked out and blown away.  No deaths occurred of the 160 dancers, but one family lived in Picher and their home is gone!

The Art of Embracing

We have discovered the art of embracing.  Don't try to change habits or idiosyncrasies, just embrace and enjoy it.

Case in point, we are not landscape artists or gardeners.  We are just glad to get the lawn mowed.  And if we don't get the it mowed, the purple weeds that come up are BEAUTIFUL!

Perfect Timing

The whole family came over to eat steaks, meet a new boyfriend, and visit with the kids home on a college break. 

Our border collie dog took this opportunity to roll in the manure.  She was green from her shoulders to the tip of her nose! Perfect!

Still using Horses

We have always used horses to gather our cattle and this day was no exception.

My horse wasn't bothered by the camera clicking noise as much as having to stop and hold still for a focused shot, while the herd ran off.
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Showing Great Potential at 8 Weeks

This young bull calf is exactly 8 weeks old in this photo.  He is showing a lot of potential.
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Male Model

This year's Ankenman Ranch print advertising has taken on a new twist; we have a model.  The "man hand" appeared in several ads, as did the "jeans pocket."
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New Heifer Bulls

Instead of artificially inseminating our heifers, we have purchased two Red Angus bulls.

Although they were plenty fat and nonchalant in the bull pasture, they came to life and looked great working their group of 40 Tarentaise.
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F1 Heifers for Sale

Available now!  Twelve (12) Tarentaise X Red Angus heifers. 
Born September/October 2007.  Weighing @750#. 
Weaned 45 days with all their shots.  Asking $900.
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Stay cool, be safe, enjoy your summer.

Chris and Sandy Ankenman
Bill and Betty Ankenman
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