Red Angus X Tarentaise

3 month old Tarentaise

Red Angus X Tarentaise heifers (click here)

Add Some Milking Ability


Tarentaise cattle are the only continental import breed that are a moderate size with superior milking ability.

Red Angus X Tarentaise

Tarentaise cow with Red Angus X Baby

Mature Tarentaise Cow with RedAngus X TA Baby

Black Angus X Tarentaise

Red Angus X Tarentaise Heifer

Brahmousin X Tarentaise

Charolais X Tarentaise Steer

Beefmaster X Tarentaise

Black Baldy X Tarentaise Cow

Purebred Tarentaise Calf and a Red Angus X Tarentaise Calf

Tarentaise can be used in a crossbreeding system that retains its replacement females without sacrificing feedlot gain or carcass quality in the rest of the calf crop.