August 2002Issue 8
Purebred Tarentaise Cattle
Miami, Oklahoma
Thank you for your interest in our Tarentaise Cattle, our operation, and the business of ranching in general.

This UPDATE will include the following:

1. Capturing the Newborn Moment
2. All New ID Tags
3. Bull Battery and Heifer Brigade Continues
4. Green Summer in Oklahoma

1. Capturing the Newborn Moment

A woman with a camera gets easily sidetracked from her assigned duties at the chute, but some moments are worth it.

This mother cow had been cut to a lower corral during spring baby working because she had not yet calved. Yet? She calved that very afternoon and let me take a few photos. to see the collage of newborn photos.

2. Bull Battery and Heifer Brigade Continues.

Need a bull? Check out our selection fall yearling bulls.

Ankenman Ranch has a good selection of fall yearling heifers.

3. All New ID Tags

Gone are the hand written, barely readable, inconsistent lettering sized, multicolored ear tags! We now have yellow, printed Z-tags. Looks professional. No more excuses for misreading a tag! to see our cattle sporting new tags.

4. Green Summer in Oklahoma

We have had a great summer. Received consistent rains. Got a good crop of hay. Having relatives in the Colorado mountains, I really appreciate how lucky we have been this season.

Next update, a report on our first embryo calves, being born as we speak!

Have a great fall season,

Chris and Sandy Ankenman
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