July 2013Issue 32

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Enjoy this mixture of business, art and life.

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Developing a new Relationship

Meet Blue (front) and Junior (top right) Both men have purchased new horses this year. But the horse prancing with excitement (upper left) is our daughter's old horse.

Relishing an old Friendship

The girl who loves her horse: the horse who loves the girl.

And the Rains Came

This rain came without wind or lightning, just a torrential downpour.

Full Ponds and Plentiful Hay

The spring rains came quickly and in abundance. Our hay was plentiful and the ponds are full.

Road Construction

Three miles and a bridge over the Interstate are under construction directly in front of the ranch entrance. Yes, it will be nice when it's completed but we're tired of going around the mile section and changing flat tires!

Muddy Ruts in the Lawn

Last summer we would have been thrilled to have ruts in the lawn.

Large Bred Heifer Group for Fall

We haven't calved a group of 60 heifers in a long time. Wish us luck. This is one of the bred heifers enjoying a summer evening.

Getting the Deluxe Treatment

Our second calf heifers are on pasture that would be like eating a steady diet of cake and ice cream.

Tornadoes hit Oklahoma

May 20, 2013 an F5 tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma, killing 23.

Sitting on the roof, May 31, 2013. Wondering if the storm carrying tonight's tornado will stay south of us or head our direction.

May 31, 2013 another F5 tornado hit El Reno, Oklahoma with record-breaking width of 2.6 miles, killing 8.

Heading to the "Fraidy Hole"

That same evening of May 20, we had 2 small tornadoes just 3 miles south in our county that sent us to the storm shelter at Bill and Betty's home.

Up on the Roof

The roof of our house made for some great pictures.

This year's hay crop gave us over 5 bales per acre. Average is 2-3.

I call this "Yard Art". Pretty spectacular view of our back yard from the roof.


The herd bulls resting up and the hay crew ramping up.

The dog wondering what I am doing on the roof and why he can't join me.

Spring Break trip to Colorado

Spann Ranch Inc.
in the Colorado mountains. Nothing like a trip home and spending the morning with my Dad. Familiar territory. Sure fond of those Herefords.

Y- Hitch Suffolk Punch Team

More family that has developed a rare 4-hitch team of Suffolk Punch horses. Meet the horses: Rowdy, Rebel, Nell and Bert. Like the Y- Hitch on facebook.com.

May you get the chance to revel in the wonder of nature.

Bill and Betty Ankenman
Chris and Sandy Ankenman
John and Autumn Fuhrman



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