January 2013 Issue 31

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Enjoy this mixture of business, art and life.

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Ankenman Ranch Website is Totally Redone and Responsive.


This spring, we both got smart phones and it opened my eyes to how people view our website. It's not just on a desktop, but maybe on a tablet and just as likely on a smart-phone.


In fact, Chris has adapted almost solely to his phone and often shows customers our cattle via the smaller screen.


This led to a TOTALLY redone and RESPONSIVE website. It shifts the columns to fit the size of screen in order to make easy to view and navigate on any device: desktop, tablet, or smart-phone.


The ranch website has 60 pages and over 600 photos. If you haven't visited in a while, I encourage you to take a re-look. Click here.


A tablet view (2 columns)

A desktop view (3 columns)

A smart-phone view (1 column)

Hurricane Isaac Brings Relief


It was another hot and dry summer, similar to 2011. In September, Hurricane Isaac hit the gulf and worked its way up. It just caught the northeast corner of Oklahoma and brought us some much needed relief.


This photo was taken September 22, 2012. We hadn't seen fog in a long time.

Early Morning Gather


August 1st was predicted to be 105°. Another one of many hot, hot days this summer.


We were up before dawn to gather and load out a pot load of steers for market.

Chasing Those Photo Ops


Morning chores just had to wait this morning. This rainbow was complete and double. I couldn't get to my camera fast enough.

From a Memory to a Tradition


This Christmas we got out the Noritake China that was my Grandmother's and used the intricate golden ornaments from that same great lady as a table centerpiece.


It brought back lots of memories.

I hope it becomes a tradition.

Bulls for Sale


Fifteen Months (15 Mo) old

$2000-$5,000 each

...click here for photos and details.


...click here to view progression pictures from 6 weeks to 15 months old. See how rapidly they change.

Word Cloud


A word cloud (tag cloud, or weighted list in visual design) is a visual representation for text data, typically used to depict keywords on websites, or to visualize free form text. Usually single words, with the importance of each word shown with font size or color.



Can you guess which classic cowboy song lyric is used in this word cloud?

(My Heroes have Always Been Cowboys)

Build your own!
Click here to try it at wordle.net


Trip to Glacier National Park.


In July, close to the Canadian border, high up in the mountains, there is still snow and the lake water is COLD!

Spectacular scenery. Lots of hiking. No cell service. Enjoyed the family.

With the Good News...


We had enough early rains in the spring to get a hay crop. Not as good a quality as previous years, but a crop none the less.

Comes the Bad News...


A straight line wind at 80 MPH will do a lot of damage quickly. This row of trees blew over on each other and finally the whole group crashed down on our entry gate.

May you get the time to enjoy each other, a cold one and a sunset.

Bill and Betty Ankenman
Chris and Sandy Ankenman
John and Autumn Fuhrman

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