January 2010 Issue 25
Update News and Sales

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Enjoy this mixture of business, art and life.

Needing a Climate Change

The economy, the market and the weather are all frozen.


AA Scorpio, Featured Bull


Born in the Fall 2006, this polled bull is spectacular!  At 3 years old, he is in his prime.  Handles easily, holds his weight well, herds his group around, and gives us great offspring.


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Sign of the Times


This is our 8th year to send a semiannual ranch update and our 7th year for a reader board on the entry sign. Looking back is like seeing a slice in time.  Weather, politics and family are all reflected.


Take for example, the "cash for clunkers" deal offered by our Federal Government this fall.


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Tools of the Trade


Walls of bridles and bits, stacks of empty feed sacks, and piles of nested buckets. A vertical reservoir of tools accumulated for 75 years.


...tools of the trade


The Red Angus cow has a February-March steer.

First Calf Heifers Shine


First Calf Heifers in the same age group with a photo taken the same day.

The Tarentaise cow has a March-April heifer.


Holiday Brings Study in Contrast


With the girls home for the holidays, all manor of hair and body products show up...the most recent is "Squeaky Pink".


Once you get used to standing naked in our shower with a large, clear window to the world outside, it can be a real study in contrast.

...other fun photos

Heifers for SALE!


15-straight Red Angus heifers born Spring 09!

18-Tarentaise x Red Angus born Spring 09!


...Pictures and prices taken 1/17/2010


Meet Lucky!

Renaming him, Lucky!


AA U-bolt is the first one and the fastest one were-ever he goes. Last week, as a coming 2 year old, he got his first group .


Early Tuesday morning as the truck topped the rise to feed the first bale, the men noticed something bobbing in the pond, like a turtle, The object was visible, then clear under, then up again.  It was U-bolt!


He had walked to the middle of a thawing pond and fell in.  Chris endangered his own life getting the rope on him and Bill pulled him to safety with the tractor.


Any other bull would have drowned but U-bolt's energy kept him alive until help arrived.

Keep Warm

Chris and Sandy Ankenman
Bill and Betty Ankenman


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