July 2009 Issue 24
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This UPDATE will include the following:

Sign of the Times
Calling All Bulls
Winter Feeding
Red Angus Arrivals
The East meets the West
Heifers and Bulls


Sign of the Times



Doing our part to promote the economy.


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  Calling All Bulls


Less than 10 yards away, but across the lawn and 2 5-wire fences, stands a group of young heifers.  These guys stand and talk to them several times a day. 


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Winter Feeding


Get out of the pickup, cut the netting and roll it into a ball.  Allow the dog to "guard" her position.  Pitchfork off the hay and check the herd health.  Another bale, another pasture, another group.

...thus is the pace of winter.

Red Angus Arrivals

Our 40 new Red Angus heifers started calving the last part of January, just in time for an ice storm.  The babies are hardy and we are anxious to get everything acclimated into the herd.

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The East Meets the West

This summer, we traveled to Eastern Europe and Western Colorado. 


June in Bulgaria.  Haying season was in full swing.  And by swing, I am referring to swing the scythe and swing the pitchfork.


July in Colorado.  It was cool and green.  Traditions live in harmony with progress.


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Next available group of young Heifers were born this Spring 09and will be weaned in October 2009. Speak for yours today! Available Bulls ...click here for prices, details and photos

Stay Cool

Chris and Sandy Ankenman
Bill and Betty Ankenman


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