January 2008 Issue 21
Purebred Tarentaise Cattle
Miami, Oklahoma

Thank you for your interest in our Tarentaise Cattle, our operation, and the business of ranching in general.

This UPDATE will include the following:

1. December 2007 Ice Storm
2. Say What?
3. Fog
4. Malawi Africa meets Miami OK
5. Tagging
6. Current Sales


Ice Storm, December 2007


Two ice storms and a major flood in one year...that's enough!


This last ice storm crippled over 600,000 homes in Oklahoma leaving us without electricity for 5 days (some people went 10 days).


The cattle did better than the people.  It was soon evident who had fireplace culinary skills, who would venture to town without a shower or makeup, and who could still be pleasant on Day 6, or 7, or even 8 without electricity.


One thing about it, we all had something in common to talk about!

...click here to see ice pictures

Say What!?


Since the addition of a reader board in 2003 to our sign near the highway, we have given the public a view of the ranch, its sales, a unique incite into our personality and a reflection of the ever changing weather here in Oklahoma.


We haven't caused any wrecks on the highway, but this particular statement did inspire conversation.

...click here to view more sign sayings.

September Fog


Some days, my chores can wait.  I just turn around and walk back in the house to get my camera.


Malawi, Africa meets Miami, Oklahoma


It was a day of "firsts".  First driving experience, first horseback ride, first Carhartt jacket for our guest from Malawi, Africa.
"We have a picture of Americans that is fat and lazy, but you work hard." explained Miriam.  "You are so blessed."

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It's was beautiful fall evening.  Chris and Bill headed out in the John Deere gator to tag the latest calves.  Either a sheep hook or a rope, depending on the "speed" of the calf and alertness of the mother.  Each got a tag to match the mother and a vaccination.

...click here for more photos.


Featured Sales


Next available group of young Heifers were born this Fall 07 and will be weaned in May 2008.

Speak for yours today.


Keep warm.

Chris and Sandy Ankenman
Bill and Betty Ankenman
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