January 2006 Issue 16
Purebred Tarentaise Cattle
Miami, Oklahoma



Thank you for your interest in our Tarentaise Cattle, our operation, and the business of ranching in general.


This UPDATE will include the following:

1. Featured Bull
2. Oklahoma Fires and Firewood
3. Cowboy Gear finds itself posing.
4. Early Morning Fog
5. Sunshine on my Shoulder
6. Great Selection of Bulls
7. Heifer Availability

1.  Featured Herd Bull 

M95T  AA Magnet

AA Magnet is one of our three embryo brothers in our herd.  Low Birth weight epd, well proportioned bull.
SRT Hercules
Birth Epd 
Wean Epd
Yearling Epd
Total Epd

2. Oklahoma Fires and Firewood

It has been a very dry fall and winter here in Oklahoma.  We have had a few close calls with high wind and burning hay.

Thanksgiving weekend, the wind came gusting through at around 40 mph and our neighbor, due south of us, had a row of bales and machine shed catch fire.

We rushed to help.  The bales roared to intense flame as Chris speared them away from the burning row.  All the while, the fire department hosed down both the tractor and the bales.  Made me nervous!

3. Cowboy Gear finds itself posing.

  • the hat : worn in several shodeos
  • the spurs: my father's when he was a boy
  • the rope: shredded and nonfunctional, makes a great prop
  • the horse shoe: found in the pasture
  • the wire: antique and springing with a mind of it's own
  • the glove: soft dear skin, no holes in the fingers yet


This cowboy gear recently found itself in a college dorm room posing for an art still life.  It's home now and so is the still life with all the great memories it captures.

4. Early Morning Fog

It was foggy and the sun was just coming up as I delivered our youngest to the school bus. Our bred heifers were even grazing along the road.

Being dressed in floral pajama pants, Muck boots and a favorite Carhhart coat, didn't detour me from getting this photo opportunity.

Neither did the motorist who stopped to see if I was having car trouble.  "No, but did you see the sunrise!  Isn't it beautiful!"

5.  Sunshine on my Shoulder

This photo was taken the morning after Hurricane Katrina.  Very humid and lots of moisture in the air.  The sun streamed through the trees as my horse came up to get his morning grain.

6.  Great Selection of Bulls

A great selection.

2 year olds (10) priced from $1300-$1600

Yearly bulls (17) born Spring 2005

7. Heifer Availability

Ankenman Ranch has a limited selection of spring born heifers, weaned this fall, 2005. 

Have a great winter and spring.

Chris and Sandy Ankenman
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