July 2005 Issue 15
Purebred Tarentaise Cattle
Miami, Oklahoma
Thank you for your interest in our Tarentaise Cattle, our operation, and the business of ranching in general.

This UPDATE will include the following:

1. Featured Bull
2. Kids Will Be Kids
3. Watching Birds Watching Us
4. Corral Slide Show
5. Need any help?
6. Bull Battery and Heifer Brigade Continues

1.  Featured Herd Bull 

L206E  AA Locator

AA Locator is a great looking bull, giving us that polled influence in our herd.  Easy going disposition.  Beautiful calves.
Stout Brothers
Birth Epd 
Wean Epd
Yearling Epd
Total Epd

2. Kids will be Kids.

In this country, cutting a field for hay or leaving it for pasture is often a dilemma.  We decided to cut our yearling bull's acreage for hay while they were still in there.

They had a ball!  Chased the tractor and mower around the land.  Bucked and played in front of the unit until they finally wore out.

3. Watching Birds Watching Us.

These geese must have seen me slam on my brakes, make a quick u-turn, come to a screeching halt and jump out with my camera.  They had turned around and were quickly herding their brood back to safety.

I was faster though, and got a shot off before they could escape back into the water.

They are annual visitors to a pond just down the road.

Mr. Bluebird was not happy with us.  His nest, full of babies, was just a few feet from the calf chute in the corrals.

We were working our spring baby calves. That meant bawling cows, clanging metal, and swinging gates.

He would only light there for very brief moments before ducking quickly down into the pipe with food and then be gone!

4. Corral Slide Show

In this slide show, follow a baby calf through his first big day in the corral. This prepares him for the summer, with all his shots, tags and treatments.


5. Need any help?

Typical spring day.

Our red border collie, Ginger, was guarding the water tank.  That heifer didn't act very nervous. 

Chris was out on the highway, way across the pasture, (look to the very left) burning the right away.

5. Bull Battery and Heifer Brigade Continues

Need a bull? Check out our selection of 17 yearling bulls.
There are 17 more spring born bulls coming on strong and will be weaned this fall.

Ankenman Ranch will have a small selection of spring born heifers, also weaned this fall, 2005. http://www.ankenmanranch.com/featured.htm

This type of behavior is common as we keep all the bulls on our place.  I refer to it as "Bull Hill". 

Have a great summer and fall.

Chris and Sandy Ankenman
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