June 2003Issue 11
Purebred Tarentaise Cattle
Miami, Oklahoma
Thank you for your interest in our Tarentaise Cattle, our operation, and the business of ranching in general.

This UPDATE will include the following:

1. Show Off
2. Customer Service
3. A First
4. Crossbred Babies
5. Bull Battery and Heifer Brigade Continues

1. Show Off
AA Kosmo is one of those bulls that is easy to photograph. He is gentle and always willing to stand and pose. The only thing he won't do, is get out the way so I can shoot photos of the other bulls!

He is definitely at the top of his game. Long straight top, thick, great hind quarter. All around nice guy.

2. Customer Service
This gentleman works for Home Depot as a delivery driver. He came to look at bulls driving his truck during a snow storm. No problem.

3. A first for Ankenman Ranch
We have always ridden geldings. To have a mare, a pregnant mare, was a first for us. Everyone was nervous prior to the event and relieved to get a live colt on the ground.

4. Crossbred Babies

We had the opportunity to purchase some of our own females back. They were bred to other bulls of various breeds.

5. Bull Battery and Heifer Brigade Continues.
Need a bull? Check out our selection of yearling bulls. And there are 20 more weaned bulls coming on strong. View their details, epds, and prices on

Ankenman Ranch has a good selection of fall heifers, weaned in May. http://www.ankenmanranch.com/featured.htm

Have a great summer,

Chris and Sandy Ankenman
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